Our Story


The Kirup Tavern was established in 1905 and served the surrounding logging and fruit growing communities. It still has many of its original features including the buildings façade. 


The inside of the tavern has gone through many changes over the years but always retains that friendly Australian country pub atmosphere.


Kirup Syrup

Alberto Vinci brewed the original drink, which was made from a secret family recipe. Alberto grew fruit and vegetables, so this is what he is said to have made it from, although today's version is made from grapes.


 In the early days Albert would insist each person sample a nip of his famous brew straight from the wine barrel, which he would siphon by sucking through a piece of hose and  then pour into a small vegemite glass jar. Once they had tasted it, he would fill up their container they had brought along with them. 


Today the recipe is still a closely guarded secret and you can still sample the Kirup Syrup at the Kirup Tavern.  It is available for sale in small, medium and large bottles.